Journal History

The journal has been in print since 1965 although published using different titles:

New Zealand Social Worker 1965-1975 ISSN 0028-869

New Zealand Social Work 1977-1981 ISSN 0110-3954

New Zealand Social Work Journal 1981-1988 ISSN 0111-7351 (this merged with News and Views in Social Work - which had no ISSN - to form Social Work Review).

Social Work Review 1988-2007 ISSN 0113-7662

Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, the present title, has been in use since December 2007.

Te Komako: each year, one issue of the journal is published as Te Komako focusing on tangata whenua social work. The inaugural issue of Te Komako was published in 1995.

Tu Mau: from time to time we publish a Tu Mau issue of the journal highlighting Pasifika social work. The inaugural issue of Tu Mau was published in 2001.