Call for papers: Special Isssue on Reproductive Justice


There are three main frameworks for exploring reproductive health from a justice perspective, and with an intersectional lens:

  1. Reproductive health, which deals with the delivery of accessible and responsive services,
  2. Reproductive rights, which addresses regulatory issues, and
  3. Reproductive justice, which focuses on movement-building in which the primary principles are:
  •   the right not to have a child;
  •   the right to have a child;
  •   the right to parent children in safe and healthy environments

 (Ross & Solinger, 2017).

Ross (2006) also argued for” the necessary enabling conditions to realize these rights” (p.4). Reproductive justice advocates argue that the ability of anyone to determine their own reproductive choices is linked directly to the socioeconomic conditions in their environment and importantly “these conditions are not just a matter of individual choice and access. Reproductive justice addresses the social reality of inequality, specifically, the inequality of opportunities that we have to control our reproductive destiny” (Ross, 2006, p.4).

Our focus: The editors offer a wide brief for proposals and topics may include abortion and contraception, birth care justice, maternal mental health, reproductive coercion, sexual health, Rainbow health care, especially care for transgender people, intersex people, Māori and Pasifika women's maternal health, the needs and rights of young parents and parents with disabilities or chronic illness, infertility and assisted reproduction, adoption, and the impact of colonisation on birth and parenting in Aotearoa and the Pacific.  


  • The call for abstracts is due 2 December 2022 but you are welcome to contact us earlier. We will give some feedback as soon as possible.
  • The full article will be due 1 March 2023

Abstracts and a working title

Please supply an abstract of 250 words with a working title and up to 6 keywords.

Full papers - 7000 words including references

Research briefs - 3500 words

Viewpoints - 2000 words

Practice notes- 3000 words

Editorial team:

Liz Beddoe (University of Auckland), Kerri Cleaver (University of Canterbury), Yvonne Crichton-Hill (University of Canterbury), Eileen Joy (University of Auckland), and Letitia Meadows (University of Canterbury)

Please see the author guidelines for information about prorating and submitting your article.

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Ross, L. (2006). Understanding reproductive justice: transforming the pro-choice movement. off our backs, 36(4), 14-19.

Ross, L., & Solinger, R. (2017). Reproductive justice: An introduction. University of California Press.