Research Briefs: a new section


The journal welcomes short research reports of up to 3000 words, inclusive of all text including references and text in tables. The report will be anonymously reviewed by two readers from a panel of reviewers. These reports must conform to the following guidelines. Please submit on line on this website. Queries to:

  • Title: A brief indication of the article’s subject. Ensure that you include key words in your title.
  • Abstract: using the following sub-headings, in no more than 200 words, outline the introduction, methods, findings and implications for practice or policy.
  • Keywords: Please provide four to six keywords, separated by semi-colons.
  • Section and Subheadings: Section headings should include literature, method, findings, discussion and conclusions. Keep subheadings sparingly and indicate these by bold type. 
  • Tables:  Keep tables to a minimum. Number them (e.g. Table 1. Table 2.) with a self-explanatory title.
  • Illustrations: You can submit illustrations that are relevant to the article. Label these Figure 1 with a self-explanatory title
  • Footnotes: Please use endnotes, not footnotes and keep to a minimum.
  • Referencing: Peer reviewers and editors require authors to adhere strictly to the APA 6th referencing style both within the text and for listing references at the end of the article. Please refer to APA Publication Manual (6th Ed.).
  • Style: In general, authors should refer to APA 6th on all matters relating to structure, content and style.