Equal value: A Swedish school implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child


  • Pia Sandström School Welfare Officer, Solenskolan Härnösands kommun.




education, schooling, sweden, swedish education, convention on the rights of the child, equal treatment plan, solenskolan,


When Solenskolan in Härnösand, Sweden, was built in 1982, the idea was to make room for all different kinds of children. Today the school extends from kindergarten, elementary school to ninth grade, special school and international class. The various forms of schooling coexist under the same roof and management. They collaborate across borders and the school has become a place which suits everyone. The school has long worked systematically to ensure equal value for all and used different strategies. The Swedish school authorities have designated Solenskolan as the 2008 school of equal value. The jury’s reasoning is that the school is working to improve all children’s participation and influence in the school’s everyday life. Work is well founded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child’s four key pillars. The school has a clear vision where concepts such as knowledge, security, influence and responsibility are demonstrated. Student empowerment and the needs of the child are held as fundamental in all contexts.

The municipality’s equal treatment plan is an important tool in the quest to create a school where all can be equally involved. The plan prescribes how schools should interact with children, parents and other stakeholders in the community. At Solenskolan extensive work has been done to develop the influence and participation of children with disabilities or other issues. The school has chosen diversity as its identity. It is seen as a great opportunity to support learning and participation for all children. Diversities are seen as enriching, and this influence makes us prepared for the future. 


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