At home: Field education during lockdown


  • Yesse Cox University of Otago, Social and Community Work, New Zealand
  • David McKenzie The Salvation Army, New Zealand
  • Bronwyn Powell-Grub The Salvation Army, New Zealand
  • Liz McCafferty University of Otago, Social and Community Work, New Zealand



Field education, Covid-19, Social work education, Student experience


Field education during the 2020 Aotearoa New Zealand Covid-19 lockdown was a new experience for social work educators and students alike. This case study captures the experience of one social work student during this time while on placement at the Salvation Army. Included in the account are the perspectives of the Community Ministries Manager, the placement supervisor and the placement field coordinator. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the student undertook the placement while at home. A pandemic can offer students opportunities to learn about managing difficult situations. Reflection on the experience provided insight into what helped and what could have been done differently. Regular debriefing, supervision and a post- crisis debrief were all important elements that aided the learning and supported the wellbeing of the student.


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Cox, Y., McKenzie, D., Powell-Grub, B., & McCafferty, L. (2021). At home: Field education during lockdown. Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, 33(2), 114–117.