ThroughBlue: A support group for women affected by depression


  • Trish McBride
  • Jane Fuller Conversations



mental health, depression, self-help, peer support


Recent US research has validated the benefits and therapeutic value of peer support groups as a treatment component for depression, as has a 2008 Australian study of a women’s mental health support group. As facilitators working weekly with ThroughBlue, a support group of women who have experience of depression, we had already discovered the truth of their findings. This paper is a description of the way this Wellington group works, and may be of use to others looking to set up or facilitate similar groups elsewhere.

Author Biographies

Trish McBride

Trish McBride is a counsellor in private practice and has co-facilitated ThroughBlue for six years. She can be contacted at

Jane Fuller, Conversations

Jane Fuller is a counsellor with Conversations (formerly Wellington People’s Centre), and has co-facilitated ThroughBlue for 12 years.


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