From a conversation with Honourable Nanaia Mahuta: Social workers reflect on expertise and skills for contributing to policy and political processes


  • Rebecca Helen Giles Wintec, Hamilton, ANZASW Member, SWRB
  • Fariya Begum SWRB
  • Shane Kennard
  • Verusha West-Pillay
  • Alannah Gregan


Reflective practice, community of practice, social policy, social work practice, social justice


The purpose of this article is to share learning gained by a small group of registered social work practitioners who participated in a group reflective conversation, reviewing an event at which they had all been present. This article describes the event, the group reflection process and the learnings gained by the social workers.

Author Biography

Rebecca Helen Giles, Wintec, Hamilton, ANZASW Member, SWRB

Social Work Educator, Bachelor SW, Wintec, Hamilton. Professional Supervisor, Health SW Field of Practice


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