Call for papers-Supervision in social work

Editors: Liz Beddoe, University of Auckland and David Wilkins, Cardiff University

We are seeking articles for a special issue on supervision across the career, from supervision of students, newly-qualified practitioners, experienced staff, and the often-neglected supervision of supervisors and managers.

Questions of interest to the editors include:

  • What is the role of supervisors in maintaining a focus on human rights and social justice in social work?
  • What is the role of supervisors in advocacy for safer working conditions for direct service practitioners?
  • What can research tell us about how supervision can improve outcomes for service users? 
  • What support do first-line supervisors need in order to provide effective support for direct service practitioners? 
  • Does one size fit all in supervision, do we need multiple practice models?
  • What might the future hold for supervision? Where to next?

We will consider submissions in three formats: full articles of 7000 words, research briefs, 3000 words, and shorter viewpoints or practice reflections of 2000 words. All articles are peer reviewed.

Important dates
Abstract submission - please submit a 150-200-word proposal outlining your topic, method (theoretical, quantitative, qualitative or mixed method), findings and conclusions.

Send abstract to by 1 February 2019.  Don't hesitate to email us with any queries.

Full articles due 5 April 2019 - please submit on line at

Publication September 2019